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Dr. Myles Hamilton is a Clinical Psychologist and State Therapist in San Andreas. Myles used to work for Parsons Rehabilitation Center before it closed at the end of 2019 to merge with Pillbox Hill Medical Center.


Myles grew up in the affluent area of Sunningdale, Berkshire in the UK, one of three children to Rupert, a Neurosurgeon, and Clara, a Nurse.

He met his wife Emily at University and the two married when he was 28.

Myles is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and is accredited with the British Psychological Society, he primarily works with patients experiencing stress, anxiety and other common complaints. Most of his work in the UK was split between the NHS (National Health Service) and private practice but he also consulted and provided support in forensic settings.

Emily had dreamed of moving to Los Santos and the pair began preparing for their move after 7 years of marriage. She had landed herself a job at Mount Zonah Hospital and Myles decided to work privately. However, a couple of months before their flight Emily was involved in a horrific car accident and sadly died. With a lot of their belongings already en route to Los Santos Myles decided to carry on with the move but take her ashes with him.

As Emily's dream was to be by the beach in Los Santos, to see the Del Perro Pier and Vespucci, Myles was very fortunate to find a motel, office, and a home there.

Work in Los Santos[]

Whilst working with private clients and from building a working relationship with the staff at Pillbox Hill Medical Center, Myles got in contact with Zoey Lyrais from the Parsons Rehabilitation Center and was eventually hired as a State Therapist on 6th August 2019.

Notable Incidents[]

On 1st August 2019 Myles was involved in an incident at the Kortz Center with Hayden Vines and Harper Vines in which he was held at gunpoint and told he would have to run through the maze while they hunted him. He was able to escape and contacted the police to give a statement.