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Nancy Flutterbottom is a former bartender at the Yellow Jack Bar and Inn and well-renowned Tarot card reader.


Nancy came into the city with no allegiances and was quickly snatched up by Dragon and The Lost MC, who were in a stage of rebuilding after Dragon came back to the city with none of his previous colleagues. She was already working at the Yellow Jack as a bartender and Tarot card reader before Dragon decided to buy out the bar and use it as a cover for The Lost MC's illegal affairs with the weed farm.


Nancy has been dating Manny McDaniels for quite a while and still dated while Manny was out of the city for a few months. During this time, Nancy began hanging out at the Yellow Jack frequently with Maxine Devereux, her fellow bartender, and Bruce Greenwell, a regular at the bar. She became rather close with Bruce and they had some inclinations towards a further relationship, but this was squashed when Bruce found out that Nancy was already dating Manny and didn't tell him. Since that incident and the beginnings of his relationship with Maxine, Bruce has actively avoided Nancy.

Since then and after the split with the MC, Manny found out that Nancy was hanging around cops. This was one of his major rules: Do not mess around with the law. Manny ended up breaking off their 1-year relationship and they no longer talk with each other.

Split with the MC[]

Due to a familial incident, Dragon was out of town for a significant amount of time, leaving Manny and Nancy in charge. Manny made some leadership decisions while Dragon was away that became the source of conflict since Dragon and Manny's leadership styles were so different. Because of this, Manny and Nancy had a falling out with Dragon and the rest of the MC, becoming nomads with no affiliation besides a close friendship with Baada Ka.

Notable Quotes[]

"Ahahaha" —Nancy Flutterbottom

"It's fiiinnnneeeeee!" - Nancy Flutterbottom

Played By: CherryBobomb
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