―Ned Felman

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Ned Felman was a self-proclaimed 'gangsta' and the leader of Eastside Epsilon or E$Ǝ, a gang that solely wears Epsilon blue. He was known for his acts of brazen violence and for selling a lot of weed, contrary to Ned's 'nerdy' appearance and voice.

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Family Edit

Very little is known about Ned's childhood aside from his mother, which he speaks about frequently and claims to be a prostitute. One exclusion is the mentioning of the murder of his stepfather he committed at a young age. He still lives with his mother, though he portrays her to be negligent and uncaring likely due to the incident with his stepfather. On one occasion, he told others that his mother spoke to him for the first time in 14 years after he wished her a happy Mother's Day in 2018.

Ned also has a cousin named Netti Bendetti, who he runs around with often. She is a part of his gang called Eastside Epsilon as Ned's right-hand woman and, much like Ned himself, is quick to shoot.

Quotes Edit

"I'm like the street, you better look both ways before you cross me"

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