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Netti 'The Machete' Bendetti is Ned Felman's cousin and a member of E$E.


Netti and Ned grew up together, and as such, Ned taught her everything she knows. She is known as 'The Machete' as she carries a machete around and is always threatening to 'fuck people up' that cross Ned with it. Netti is one of the best shots in E$E. She is known to dance as a distraction and as a way to entice customers to buy weed.

Leanbois and E$E[]

After a drive-by attack by the Leanbois with automatic weapons, Netti managed to take out the driver Tony Corleone and then chased down and shot Al Saab as he attempted to escape. They had then planned to take the Leanbois out to the desert to bury them, but in the end, Ned and Netti saved them and made them drop the feud between them.