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Nikolas North was moving to Los Santos with an old friend who had promised to help find him help for his fear of guns and Speech problems. Nik made it to Los Santos only to find that his friend was nowhere to be found. He tried contacting him many times but had no luck. Nikolas was lost in the new city and didn't know anyone. He ended up spending his birthday alone on one of his first few days in the city. He had a nice time climbing the mountain to the Vinewood sign. he was enjoying taking photos and had climbed the Vinewood sign before taking a misstep and losing his footing. Just a nice happy birthday. Since then he has mat and befriended many people and has been working very hard to be more confident and show whole state just who he is.

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Nikolas Grew up with his brother and father. His mother had left them while he was still a baby so he never really got to know her. His father tried to be there for him and his older brother but chose to focus his life more on working constantly, spending most of his time away from home. Since his presence was seldom there, His older brother Demetrius took care of both of them. When Nikolas was around 11-12, His brother had joined a gang. Nik of course, joined the gang with him, because he did everything with his brother. They were in the gang for about 2 years before Demetrius ended up getting murdered by someone else in the gang. Nik had seen this all happen and had gone to the police. While he was there he ended up giving them all the information that he had involving the gang, which, due to him being a quieter more observant kid, was a lot of information. A lot of people from the gang ended up getting warrants and being arrested.

Unfortunately, people from the gang had gone to Niks father before he could and managed to paint a picture that it was Nik’s fault for his brothers death. With his father not believing him and people from the gang now wanting Nik dead, he was put into a witness protection program. He moved in with an old family friend far from where his father and the gang were and he changed his name.

Nik became Hugo Wood, he continued to go by this name for the next 8 or so years of his life. Living very quietly, not making any real friends, and doing everything he could to be someone people didn’t really pay attention to. He was bullied quite a bit for this. It was in his high school years that he found out about his fear of guns And his ever growing social anxiety. All things he tried to hide from his family friend that he called his “uncle”.

A few years after high school nik moved out on his own, and got a job at a grocery store. Around this time he heard about some local photography classes being offered. He jumped on that, hoping to have something to do with his time more than just the nothing his life had become. At this point he had decided to change his name back to Nikolas Hugo, deciding that if the gang hadn’t killed him yet, they probably weren't going to at this point. After he had finished his photography classes, he had met someone who was in the gang with him while celebrating finishing his classes with some classmates. The man, “Alan” had told Nik that he had changed and wasn’t with them anymore, Nik believed him.

Alan came to Nik, offering to pay for him to come to live in San Andreas with him, even offering 15K for Nik to be able to have when he first got into the city. Nik was EXTREMELY hesitant, especially because it was being offered by someone who was involved in the gang that wanted him dead. In the end he decided that he would do it, wanting to have a change in his life and to finally be who he wanted to be. When he finally got into Los Santos, he was unable to find Alan. It wasn't until months later that he learned that Alan had gone to jail for murder just before he was planning to come to the state. Nik had received a letter that had his brothers broken watch and stated the fact that Alan had actually planned to torture and kill Nik, with a promise that it would happen sooner than later. whether he liked it or not, according to Alan, Nik's time would be up soon.

It was after reviving this letter that Noah proposed to Nik, in an effort to help change his name and keep him safe. Nik said yes. Now they are known together as the North's. Something that nik will always be proud to say as he loves his husband very much.