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Nino Chavez is the founder and CEO of WetWorks Consultancy. His goal is to provide the city with work with the intent to decrease the unemployment rate in Los Santos as well as to provide a way in which entrepreneurs can build and succeed in a business of their own.

Character Background

Born in Boston, Chavez had a difficult youth. With his mother's mental instability and the absence of his dad. Chavez quickly decided to leave his life behind in Boston after his mother reported an unknown incident to the Boston Police Department.  

Chavez was soon introduced to the city of Los Santos by his good friend Lang Buddha. Buddha hired Chavez as the sales & marketing manager for Leanbois Insurances. Chavez soon befriended Adrianna Brooke and Dimitri Barkov through his job as a taxi driver. 

Emergence of Wetworks

It was till later that Chavez decided to set up a company called WetWorks Consultancy. His first mark was the hiring of Adrianna Brooks and Dimitri Barkov. As the marketing mind behind Wetworks Chavez decided to throw parties and giving away towels as means to promote his company. It was soon after that he decided to hire Julian Santorno, who soon got offered a position in the Board of Directors.

With Wetworks up and running, Chavez was called for help by his friend Buddha. Chavez soon got in an accident with an unmarked police vehicle. He was prosecuted for attempting murder of a law enforcement officer. It is unknown till this day if Chavez continues to fight these charges in court.

With the growth of Wetworks Chavez was looking to expand his company. Through a public search for a new employee, he came across Lilly Baker. One of Baker’s first jobs was to drive Chavez around the city. Baker soon gained the trust of Chavez and was regarded to him as a close sister.

Solidification of Power

Chavez remains quiet for a time before talking to different parties. He soon made a pact with a number of unknown parties. It is unknown what the details of the pact are. Their company quickly rose in popularity with many partners interesting in jumping in. 

Tony Corleone particular took an interest in Wetworks. Chavez soon expressed his interest to start an Italian restaurant franchise, together with Tony Corleone, to compete with Burger Shot. For unknown reasons, the deal fell through.

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