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Noah Pierce is a former LEO with a noticeable stutter. He has been trying to get onto the police force ever since he arrived in Los Santos.


Noah gained his stutter after a car accident where he was run over and had some minor brain damage. This prevented him from pursuing the LEO career in Los Santos until he could fix the stutter. Because of this, he began hanging out with the therapists at Parsons Rehabilitation Center, notably Jay Parker and Zoey Lyrais. He is often found hanging out with the therapists and their friends.

Another hindrance to his LEO path was an incident that occurred at the Vanilla Unicorn where he got into a verbal confrontation with one of the other patrons. The man ended up threatening him with a knife but eventually put it away. Noah pistol-whipped the man after he put his knife away, later claiming self-defense to the police when he was arrested. He was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, landing him in jail and with a felony on his record and ruining his chances of becoming an LEO. After the incident, Noah attempted to speak with Gunnar Mason and his arresting officer Tony Andrews to get the felony reduced to a misdemeanor, but it has not yet been resolved.

Noah also earned the nickname "Officer Nasty" after a brief experience being a 'cop' stripper on one of the Vanilla Unicorn's amateur nights.


Before he was hanging out with the therapists, Noah had taken a liking to Nancy Flutterbottom, a bartender at the Yellow Jack Inn at the time. They went on some 'dates' together, but because of Noah volatile emotions, they never got together officially and don't talk as often now as they used to.

Noah also had a crush on Isabelle Knight, who he met at her job at the 24/7 supermarket on Innocence. They flirted and both expressed a liking to each other. At the end of a mountain biking trip that seemed to be going very well, Isabelle explained to him that they couldn't be around each other anymore because it was dangerous for him. She never directly mentioned what she was involved in, only that her life was being threatened. This broke Noah's heart and caused him to be hell-bent on finding who was threatening her. This eventually lead to him investigating Mav Doretto and James O'Reilley, who were the ones supplying Izzy with Meth. James tried to kill Noah in the cemetery by shooting him twice. Noah survived but couldn't remember who had tried to kill him. He was never successful in saving Izzy, who eventually moved into witness protection outside of Los Santos.