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Noel Helena is a young homeless woman who recently lost her mother.


In the early morning of December 6, 2018, Noel stole some cough medicine from the 24/7 on Innocence Blvd for her sick mother. She was later arrested for it after being a passenger in a stolen car driven by Violet Grey. She was allowed to keep the stolen medicine, but by the time she got out of prison her mother had passed away. Trooper Leonard responded to her 911 call, but all he could do was provide transport to Pillbox Hill Medical Center.

She returned to her mother's tent on December 16, but found that all of their possessions had been stolen, so she then moved to a tent in an underpass by the Del Perro Fwy. Three days later, she went to Pillbox, where she spoke with Medic McLeod to arrange for an autopsy for her mother.

James Clifford took Noel trucking on December 24. After hearing her coughing, he had her get checked out at the hospital, where she was prescribed medication. He then took her to get the prescription filled and dropped her off at a hotel, where she spent half of her remaining money renting a room for a week.

On December 30, Noel met Rhona Murray and Tobius Huxley, who gave her a camera and asked her to take photos of various things. She later met Baada Ka and mentioned the request, and he in turn asked her to take photos at his skate park. While there, Eddie Concord heard her coughing, and she admitted that while she was given medication for her sickness, she stopped taking it because she wasn't noticing any improvements. He took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia, with the doctors suspecting that it would have killed her if left untreated any longer.

Played By: Roxas1337
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