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Noose Ilendar is the Leader of the Noose Nuckles gang of Legion Square. He is also a part-time worker at convenience stores such as 24/7 on Innocence BLVD and LTD on mirror park BLVD. He also is a partner at Adient, an advertising company specializing in Uniforms, TV adverts and such.


Noose hails from New Zealand and lived in Australia for a large portion of his childhood. Raised by his nanna, he moved to San Andreas with her when he was 16. While not knowing his actual age, he is roughly 27

He was kicked out of his nana's house in Paleto, and she told him to go make a name for himself. After a stranger told him that being a criminal is pretty infamous, he decided to pursue the life of a hardcore gang leader.

Noose lives the (paci)Fist lifestyle, cleaning up the streets (of rubbish), robbing people (if they are happy to) and stealing vehicles (that are illegally parked, then parking them legally nearby). Above all, he is always (paci)fisting.