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Nora Shelby is the daughter of British arms dealers, currently on the run and avoiding apprehension from British Intelligence.

Time in the UK[]


Nora Shelby grew up just outside of Birmingham, UK, along with her parents and siblings. During childhood, her parents struggled with finances and didn't always have means to properly take care of all the children. Her older brothers also attempted to help with money by working odd jobs and performing tasks for people. While her older sister excelled in her studies, Nora struggled to keep focus on her schoolwork. She was often bullied in school for her lack of understanding, eventually solidifying her anger issues and impulsive tendencies. When Nora failed her entry exams to secondary school, she dropped out completely.

Early Adulthood[]

As she grew up, Nora became fascinated with the work her older brothers and father were getting into. Since she was no longer burdened with educational priorities, Nora was able to fully step into the family business. Her brother Jasper taught her to fight, and Leo started teaching her everything they knew about firearms. Her father tried to teach her the art of bargaining and making deals, but Nora continuously let her temper get the best of her and always spoke out of turn. The boys let her tag along as muscle for their various gun deals and trades, but most of the time she kept her distance from the center of it all.

Nora and her sister Paige Shelby eventually grew apart, as her sister had decided to enter a career of law enforcement. They still talked about life and unrelated things, but it was always awkward talking about work with her. Nora also found it peculiar that Paige's boyfriend Oliver had shown interest in joining the family business as well. They worked well together though, and Nora eventually opened up again to both Oliver and Paige about their endeavors.

Arms Deals[]

The Shelby family business was relatively easy for a time, only really worrying about passers-by getting suspicious at their various small arms deals. Because Nora's father had made solid connections with manufacturers and suppliers, they were always able to provide quality equipment at reasonable prices. The Shelby family had made lots of good friends because of their willingness to cooperate.

When the Shelbys had proven their worth with small arms and made a hefty profit for their suppliers, Nora's father began circulating larger rifles and explosives to clientele. This quickly caught the attention of the Finnigan family, an Irish group that had also been dealing arms in the area. The market competition lead to various conflicts back and forth. It started off as occasional bar fights, but then escalated into shootouts and sabotage. Members of both sides had been injured and arrested multiple times because of the war.

The Raid[]

In August of 2019, The Finnigan family was raided at one of their local businesses after a detective from the Birmingham precinct had pieced together enough evidence to prove their illegal activity. Nora, her brothers, and father had no knowledge of the raid originally, but quickly found out afterwards that Paige had been one of the responding officers. Nora and the boys had assumed this was good news for them, as it would clear up the market to continue their business undetected.

A few weeks passed, and there had been no action from the remaining members of the Finnigan family. Business was at an all-time high, and Nora began to feel confident as a leader in the business. She had finally started to get a handle on her anger issues, and gained the full trust of Oliver. At this point, Paige and Oliver had been dating for over 8 years, and Nora was expecting him to pop the question at any point. Life felt truly good.


In September of 2019, Oliver randomly went missing after a night out at the pub. He had informed Paige and a couple of the boys that he was going out, but when he never returned home, everyone started to panic. Nora spent the majority of her time lurking about town, trying to keep an eye out for any sign of him - asking pub owners, trying to place phone calls and texts. Nora eventually gave up after a couple of weeks, and sunk into a depressive state.

A month later, Paige received a package containing a video recording of Oliver's kidnapping, torture, and eventual murder by hand of the Finnigan family. They explained that one of the right hand men had seen Paige's face and badge during the raid, and they found out her relation to the family. The Birmingham precinct also helped eventually locate the location of the crime based on hints in the video, where they recovered Oliver's body.

On The Run[]


Nora ran away from home shortly after the discovery of Oliver's death. She couldn't bear to see her older sister in so much pain, and also didn't want to risk causing more trouble with her bubbling anger issues. Nora hitchhiked through the countryside of northern Britain, eventually making her way into Scotland. She laid low for a short time in Glasgow. Despite running away, Nora tried her best to keep in contact with Paige, while also letting her know her reasons for leaving.


In January of 2020, Nora had hopped on a ferry across the channel to Belfast, Ireland. While on the boat, she had overheard a conversation between two suited gentlemen talking about a young man from Birmingham who had "gotten in their way". Nora did her best to keep her temper down, and stay under the radar whilst also keeping tabs on their conversations. At the end of the four-hour ferry ride, Nora had pieced together the two men's involvement with the Finnigan family, and had confirmed that they were involved in Oliver's murder. She also learned of a small run-down pub on the far side of Belfast that the Finnigan family operated out of. She gradually made her way across town, and stopped in the bar to grab a drink. She kept quiet, and looked around the building for any sign of weakness in security or structure. At first glance, it just looked like another pub, but Nora knew it was a breeding ground of trouble.

A few days passed, and Nora continued to monitor the small pub for any sign of significant activity. She had taken residence in a small hostel across the way, paying for her room and board by assisting the shopkeeper with various errands - cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking. The nice old lady had started to grow on Nora, and she opened up a little bit about her history - being from Birmingham, having a cop as a sister, and not doing so well in school. She made sure not to include any information about the family business though.

Finally on the night of February 3rd, 2020, Nora watched as the barkeep across the way had ushered out a large group of drunken laborers and their companions. A few minutes later, a group of suited gentlemen exited a fancy black SUV and entered the pub. Nora noticed the front lights go out, but saw some lights turn on from the second floor. She grabbed a crate of liquor from the storeroom of the hostel, and a pack of cigarettes from the front. Seeing the drunken sailors still close by down the street, she approached one of them and asked if they were angry about being kicked out. She then offered a few bottles of gin and whiskey to them, encouraging them to throw the bottles at the pub and then keep the rest for themselves. They happily obliged, stumbling down the cobble street and started the ruckus. Nora flicked her lighter and grabbed a cigarette, watching the chaos unfold. Eventually one of the suited men ran downstairs to scare them off, then retreated back inside once the crowd had dispersed. Nora moved in towards the building and flicked her half-finished cigarette on the doorstep. As the flames began to catch, Nora took off down an alleyway behind the hostel. After only about a minute, she looked back to see the entire building in flames.

The next morning, she was back on the ferry in an attempt to return to Birmingham. A breaking news article had been playing on repeat on the ferry televisions, showing footage of the burning building. After firefighters had put out the flames, officers moved in and identified two dead bodies on the scene. Other survivors were also shown on camera, but none were named or interviewed. As Nora was exiting the boat, she saw one last glimpse of the television and noticed the old shopkeeper being interviewed. Nora left the ferry terminal before she could hear what was said.

Traveling to San Andreas[]

Instead of returning home, Nora decided to flee the country in fear of what was to come from her actions. She wasn't necessarily worried about herself, but more so of what would happen to Paige. She didn't want to be the cause of her sister losing her job and her livelihood, or at least what remained of it. She sent a letter from Glasgow to Paige, letting her know that she wouldn't be returning home and not to follow her. She loved her, but this was for the best. By the time Paige had received the letter in the mail, Nora had already landed in San Andreas.

Nora has kept her head low since then, being sure not to draw any attention to herself. Frequently staying in the Chumash area or Sandy Shores, Nora enjoys the open air and quiet. She still struggles with her anger issues, and her drinking and smoking problem doesn't help it. Despite the occasional yelling from neighbors, Nora is very careful not to cause too much of a scene.


A few weeks ago, Nora had been driving through town on her motorcycle, only to find a gentleman laid out on the concrete, injured from some sort of vehicle accident. She felt pity for the man, and called in a 911 to request medical help for him. A male trooper answered the call, and wanted to verify Nora's identity for the report. As she handed over her ID, the trooper squinted at it for a few seconds. "Shelby, is that right?" He said. Nora immediately became defensive of his attitude, asking why he was so concerned with her name. He shrugged it off, saying "It's nothing, I just think I might know someone related to you." As the trooper left the scene with the injured man, Nora's head began spinning with theories and possibilities of who in the hell he would have been talking about.

A couple days later, Nora had been scrolling through social media and made a comment on someone's post. Another individual responded to her, asking if she knew "that one cop Shelby". That set Nora over the edge, finally realizing that her sister had also been in San Andreas for however long. Her anger overtook her, and she started on a rampage of vandalism and robbery. Holding up various convenience stores for their liquor and cigarettes, smashing mailboxes and trashcans, and driving drunk through neighborhoods around the area. Eventually she was caught red-handed by Sr. Trooper Jack Sheppard, as she was half-passed out and extremely drunk on the beach.

Sheppard brought Nora in for questioning, as she had drunkenly ranted about the missed connections between her and Paige for so long. At first he was skeptical, but after checking her ID and getting a good look at her face, he called in Sr. Trooper Paige Shelby to confirm if this random drunk girl was actually related to her. After an awkward realization at La Mesa PD, Paige and Nora saw each other again face to face for the first time in almost 2 years.