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"Yasuraka ni nemutte kudasai" - Nori Yamashiro


Nori Yamashiro is a 26-year-old former actress from Japan. She is currently a trainee at Rising Sun and a bartender at Bahama Mamas.


Early Life[]

Nori Yamashiro is born and raised in a wealthy area called Azabu in Tokyo, Japan. She got into her acting career as a teenager since her mother was a famous actress herself. Her father past away in a car accident when Nori was 5 years old. When Nori was 17 years old she found herself the love of her life, Kiyoshi Yamashiro. They then at the age of 20 got married.

Kiyoshi had previous issues with drugs and alcohol, and Nori was there to try to help him get back on his feet. Unfortunately, when Nori's mother past away in 2012, she got into the same bad habits that she was trying to get Kiyoshi out of. Their relationship started to get unstable and Kiyoshi got very violent towards Nori.

In 2013 Nori found out that she was pregnant with Kiyoshi's child, which he did not approve of. Things got more violent than before, which caused Nori to have a miscarriage. Because of this, Nori overdosed and was hallucinating which then caused her to kill her husband with his beloved knife. Nori got rid of the body and cleaned their house and then left Japan to live in Los Santos.

Life in Los Santos[]

She has been seen at the Hill Valley Church holding a knife in her hand, the knife that belonged to her husband. She believes that Kiyoshi's soul is still in the knife, which has caused her doubts if she's going to leave the knife behind or not.

After a period of time, she got in contact with Archie Cooper and asked him to get rid of the knife in order to help her heal. Whether the knife is buried, melted or kept by Archie is unknown.