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Paige Shelby is currently a Corporal within the San Andreas State Police.

Growing Up[]

Paige Shelby grew up in a small area near Birmingham, UK. She lived in a small home with her mother, father, an older brother, a twin brother and a younger sister. Growing up, the family wasn't the most wealthy and sometimes it was a struggle to put food on the table. While going through school, Paige tended to excel in all of her work that involved strategy and/or mathematics but was held back by laziness most of the time so her grades were average to below average. Paige often hung out with all of her siblings moreso than her parents or other friends. Paige skated through school met a boy by the name of Oliver Baker who she began dating in June of 2011. Oliver became close with the family and also spent a lot of time with the entire family.

After Paige graduated high school, she decided to go into the police academy for a few reasons. She wanted to help out the family in a way that others might not be able to and she just had always found the job to be interesting. She has always been a critical thinker and strategic and investigation/detective work has always been a big interest for her. She breezed through the academy and cadet phases and did very well at her job. However, doing all of this was also a way to know about other criminal groups in the area that may or may not be a threat to herself or her family.

The Shelby family wasn't the cleanest when it came to making money. They were poor when the kids were growing up but they managed to find alternative methods of work that proved beneficial. Paige's father and her older brothers became involved with criminal activity revolving around the buying and selling of weapons. It started off very small with handguns and stuff then it would slowly become more. As they began making profit off of it and becoming well known and well liked in their small town, they became more and more successful. Later down the line, Oliver also got involved in the family business as well. Each person in the family had their role to play. As their name grew, other groups of people were also involved in various types of crime. The Shelby family had lots of friends in high places and low places but they also have enemies. One of their rival groups was the Finnigan family, who was an irish family who were also involved in the gun trade. The two families had beef back and forth, some people were arrested, some people were hurt, and it progressively got worse and worse.

In Mid August of 2019, Paige was dispatched to assist with a raid on a business owned by the Finnigan's because another detective had built up enough evidence to prove they were running illegal activities out of their business. The raid pursued and Shelby was hesitant to proceed but went to help anyways because they expected backlash. There was a small shootout with a few members of the Finnigan family, no top members but some various high ranking ones. 1 passed away from his injuries but the rest were detained and arrested. Shelby assisted with processing and handcuffing them but one of them saw her badge with her last name Shelby on it. This was the beginning of the worst to come.

Shelby didn't think much of it but the Finnigan's did not forget that moment. They had some people tail Paige for some time without her knowing. They followed her while on shift and off of shift, trying to learn details about her. Up until the raid, Paige wasn't really known to be a cop and also a part of the Shelby family, so for some criminals specifically a rival group learning that one member of the Shelby family was a cop, it wasn't a good thing. On September 15th of 2019, Paige's boyfriend Oliver went missing. They hadn't heard anything for almost a month until on October 11th, 2019, a video tape was delivered to Paige's house that was a detailed video of the Finnigan's kidnapping, torturing and killing her boyfriend. They later learned the location of the body with other details but this incident sent Paige downhill. She ended up quitting her job as an LEO within the following weeks.


After Oliver's passing, Paige got into drinking fairly heavily. She quit her job as an LEO and distanced herself from her family for some time. She took awhile to heal from this incident and heavily blamed herself. She took a step back from family matters for awhile as well but she often kept in contact with her younger sister, Nora, fairly often.

It took Paige awhile to get sober and cleaned up but she eventually slowly healed from the incident. Even though she seems to be better, she still refrains from talking about Oliver or the situation in any capacity to anyone. She is very closed off about anything about her past. She also refuses to date anyone because she is nervous it might happen again to someone else.

In late 2020, Paige wanted a new change of scenery as well as wanting to look for other possible business opportunities for her family. She made the choice to move out to San Andreas and explore the world a bit more. Her family was aware of her traveling but for precautions, she got a new phone with a new number and doesn't have much contact with her family at all.

San Andreas[]

Paige has climbed to the rank of Corporal fairly quickly and has been working incredibly often. In her spare time, she usually spends a lot of time at a legal drifting track near the Los Santos International Airport. Through drifting, she has made many friends who accept that she is a cop and still hangout with her, although most criminals in Los Santos don't really hangout with cops who are off duty. Paige can be seen hanging out with a large handful of people but the main people are John Rizarrio, Ayden Evans, Miles Danger, Savannah Dawn along with some others. She wants to get into the street racing scene on the down low but is trying to find some ways to do it without getting caught. She has spent some of her money on two tuner cars so far, a Penumbra FF and an Elegy Retro Custom.

Paige has definitely been noted as one of the "cool cops". She is very relaxed when it comes to charges although it may not seem like she would. She tends to go with the motto that "if I know I can't prove something in a court of law, I won't even try to press the charge". That motto alone has given her a decent reputation with some criminal. Although some of her methods may not be clean and her co-workers might not agree, she gets the job done when she is on shift. Paige is someone who definitely does not associate her job with her personality so when she is off shift, she is just Paige.

Paige has made numerous friends throughout the city but she does not talk about her past, anything about her family, how or where she grew up, etc. She likes to keep it all private and doesn't mention anything to anyone.

Personality / Likes & Dislikes[]

In addition to being very book smart and strategic, Paige tends to be a bit sassy and has a low tolerance for people who lie or act dumb. She has the "RBF" but can actually be fairly sociable when it comes to talking about topics she enjoys. Although she is a Master Trooper with the SASP, she is very into all kinds of racing. She loves tuner cars and plans to spend most of her paychecks on new cars and upgrades. She has found some legal drift tracks around the city of Los Santos and can be seen drifting around or fixing her car when she isn't on shift as a Trooper. Even though Street Racing is a crime, she doesn't really see any issues with it and is actually quite fascinated with the topic.

Due to the incident with Oliver Baker and the current situation where she was kidnapped and tortured by Jace Li, Paige gets incredibly anxious and shuts down when in small, closed areas or anyone mentions a potential kidnapping/torture situation. She tries her best to remain calm but if it boils over, she could start getting very anxious and overwhelmed.


Played By: Sarapocalypse
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