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Paleto or Paleto Bay is a small town located in Blaine County, San Andreas. It is situated northwest of the Paleto Forest, west of Procopio Beach and sits on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the northwestern foot of Mount Chiliad. It is mainly a residential area with some shops.

Paleto Bay is a coastal town, home to the Cluckin' Bell factory farm, used to process chicken for all of San Andreas to enjoy. The town also has a  Blaine County Sheriff's Department office, and the dense vegetation that grows around the area is a vast contrast of the dry and arid Sandy Shores. Paleto Bay is a good resting stop for truckers due to its large number of commodities and the fact that Route 1 runs right through the middle of the town. .

Paleto Bay is the typical small town settlement found in rural areas across America. Paleto Bay is much more modernised than other towns in Blaine County, such as Sandy Shores. There are several chain stores that operate in Paleto Bay,and the Cluckin' Bell fast food chain operates a large chicken processing plant in the southern end of Paleto Bay.

Paleto Bay is a small rural settlement in San Andreas. In the south, there is a Go Loco Railroad railway station situated behind the Cluckin' Bell factory farm. On the western side of the town, the Paleto Forest serves as a place for hunters to hunt various different wildlife. The center of Paleto Bay is where all the shops and commerce are found. Recognizable chain stores such as 24/7 help provide the town revenue. The southern end of the town is dominated by the presence of a large railway station and factory, along with the hills leading to Mount Chiliad. The northern end of the town includes a small peninsula along with a few tiny islands. The eastern end of Paleto Bay is more dedicated to hard labor. A scrapyard, garage, and a small farm can be found. There's also a gas station.