The Parsons Rehabilitation Center (The Clinic) is a non-profit mental health treatment center that is run by therapist Zoey Lyrais. On December 16th 2019 the Doors to Parsons where closed due to a lack of staff to maintain the Center.

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The Clinic was at one point in time owned and operated solely by Allen Gory with therapists Avery Jenkins and Zoey Lyrais as his employees. Pastor Gory stepped down as sole-proprietor and made employees Avery and Zoey 49% owners of the facility. They hired a new therapist, Jay Parker, and are looking into hiring more.

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A beautiful area within the Vinewood Hills. People who are suffering from various disorders and other issues are advised to go here for treatment and therapy. It has a Mediocre Score on Yelp but has a Single 5 Star Rating on Google Reviews by a user named "PeachLover32".

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  • Owners and Head Therapists

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