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Patel Monsoon is an old Indian gentleman originally born in New Delhi who worked in a Garment Store with his beloved parents until he was around 18-19 years old. He loved his parents but didn't want to spend his life working in a Garment Store and do nothing with his life. He decided that it was time, it was time to live out his one life dream, that dream was to move to America, the land of opportunity, and turn a new leaf and start a new life for himself and for his future family.

Character Background[]

After working countless and tireless hours with his parents, he wasn't able to work up enough money to purchase a Plane Ticket to America. He had to do what he had to gain the money to get to America, so he had taken out a loan to be able to start his journey to the States to start his one, true dream. He Patel had one city in mind that he'd make his goal to make to, that city was Los Santos. After tireless years of pain aching work, it took him 20 - 30 years to eventually purchase a ticket to America, but the goal was still far from in reach, he was unable to purchase a direct flight to Los Santos due to flight restrictions from India. So, the only thing he knows to do is to buy a ticket to somewhere else within' America, that place was Liberty City. Eventually, go from there and make it to Los Santos. Once he arrived in Liberty City, he has no money and not Job, but a beacon of hope came through a job of being a Taxi driver, trying again to make enough money to move to Los Santos. After almost 7 months of constant driving a taxi around Liberty City, he finally had enough money to buy a ticket to fly to Los Santos. The journey wasn't as long as from India to Liberty City, but it still took him quite awhile.

Now, Patel roams around Los Santos, driving a taxi, just as he did in Liberty City, hoping to eventually find someone he could possibly call his wife or just even someone to befriend. His constant drives around and looking for work makes him wonder if there are any other means of making quick cash, whether it be legal or illegal