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Peter Heerink, also known as Captain Peter, is a hobo and a current member of the Hobo Guild The Four Winds. Captain Peter believes that he is a Sea Captain despite never stepping foot on a boat and being completely unable to swim. Certifiably crazy.


Character Background[]

Peter is a wise man and a former friend of Hobo Harry, whom often gives Peter advice by using his "Spirit Minutes". He currently lives in the Los Santos storm drain on the Eastern edge of the city right outside Mission Row Police Station and is neighbors with close friend Jerry Curl.

The Four Winds[]

The rest of Peter's background remains a mystery, but he is presently an important member and councilmen of the Hobo Guild The Four Winds. Peter is a sworn protector of the homeless areas of Los Santos and currently holds the position of "Eastbound Hobo" and is the incumbent protector of the Eastern Sea-Breezes.