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Piper "Molly" Banks is a chaotic, impulsive and small brained criminal. She is a member of the gang known as Peaceful Street Pimps.


Piper Banks grew up in Miami, Florida with her mother who owns a successful fashion line and often travels a lot for work. Her father left when she was young and she has never met him. The two lived in Florida for some time in a decent house in a nice area. Piper lived a decent life but with her dad gone from the picture and her mom traveling a lot, she was raised by various babysitters, nannies and even raised herself for the most part. This causes her to get fairly emotional, lost in her own thoughts and shuts people out when she is alone. She doesn't like being alone and very much enjoys being around large groups of people where she tends to thrive. She acts very different in front of 1-2 people compared to 5+ people.

She grew up with her two best friends, Mandy Clark and Mickey Watts, going through elementary, middle and high school together. As dumb as Piper acts, she actually isn't very dumb. She is fairly intelligent but tends to put on an act of acting stupid to get people to laugh or smile. Some of her favorite classes in school were any kind of writing classes because she enjoys writing a lot, although she doesn't tell anyone that. After they graduated, Piper's mom decided to open a clothing line in Los Santos and with Mickey's dad and Mandy's dad getting jobs in Los Santos also, all of them moved there together. Throughout school, they were all the class clowns who would constantly get into trouble.

When Piper, Mandy and Mickey moved to Los Santos, Mickey's dad got a job on Peaceful Street in the office buildings. The three decided to start up their own gang on Peaceful Street known as the Peaceful Street Pimps, doing any and all kinds of crime to make money. They take any kind of job ranging from simple car theft to robbing people to shooting police. The gang is chaotic, impulsive and unpredictable but seem to be a city-wide favorite group as they get along with pretty much anyone. Since coming to Los Santos, they have picked up two other members to their chaos group. They picked up Chet Johnson and Bartholomew Thompson and they fit nicely into the crew.

Big Arrest[]

Piper tends to be very impulsive and chaotic, usually acting violently on a whim or when pushed too far. In the beginning of July, Piper was given a grenade and impulsively blew up 5 people in Legion Square, adding another grenade pin to her infamous chain of grenade pins that she can often be seen wearing and sporting around. Piper was in a violent mood that day and was already looking to cause some sort of chaos and some people gave her the idea to blow up the large group of people who had been standing on a tow truck at Legion for multiple hours. Vinny Fontana sold her the grenade and she jumped into a car with Chet Johnson aka Smokey and Mickey Watts. They pulled up to a large group of people at Legion Square, exchanged some words then Piper busted out the window and tossed an M61 Frag Grenade onto the small step of the tow truck where it then exploded the truck and everyone nearby.

Awhile later, Piper alongside Mandy Clark, Cheech Gonzalez and Jeff Spicoli decided to steal a firetruck and wanted to joy ride it around for awhile. This led to a long chase where they were all eventually apprehended, taken to Pillbox Medical for their injuries, then taken to Mission Row to be processed. Somehow, Piper was surprisingly the only one not searched the entirety of the time. Piper took this opportunity and held up the arresting officer, Caleb Mercer, holding him at gun point and demanding everyone be released. Piper and Jeff Spicoli ran out of Mission Row and were let go while Mandy and Cheech stayed behind. Piper ran out the front doors and immediately called John Rizzario to pick her up in a pinch. She managed to escape successfully.

The next few days, she was constantly on the run. Everything she did was lowkey and when the police did find her, Casey O'Connell would come pick her up and help her escape them multiple times in a row. Late in the day on July 20th, 2021 leading into the early morning of July 21st, 2021, Master Trooper Natalie Wynn and Director Owen Armstrong would patrol around the area of Peaceful Street, where Piper and the gang often hang out. Piper had a mask on but when the troopers kept pressing her to find out who she was and asking if she was Piper, Piper made a quick escape from the sidewalk into the parking garage and into the passenger seat of Casey's Sugoi. They were in a chase for some time before losing the police. They managed to regain the eyes of police and were in another lengthy chase. Casey told Piper that if it came to the worst option, she was supposed to run and get somewhere safe and he would either shoot the police to get out or manage to get out another way. Piper insisted on shooting alongside Casey but Casey asked her not to because she only had a Beretta M9 and no kevlar vest while Casey had an AK-74U, CZ Skorpion and a kevlar vest. They debated a few options of how to get out safely but they ended up crashing out the Sugoi near Maze Bank Arena. Casey told Piper to run and get into another vehicle, which she did but she was tazed by Director Armstrong before she was able to grab the handle of the get away vehicle. Once Casey got told on the radio that Piper had gone down and was being handcuffed, he began to open fire on the troopers on scene, one of them being Natalie Wynn, who later passed away from her injuries. He opened fire on Director Armstrong and Lieutenant North as well but was eventually shot and taken into custody as well. Mandy Clark and Chet Johnson aka Smokey were circling the area but their vehicle was also shot at by police, causing their tires to pop and they fled the area. Piper and Casey were taken to Pillbox Medical. Piper was treated quickly then taken into custody by Trooper Sharpe and Director Armstrong and was questioned for about an hour before being sent up to prison. Casey was kept in Pillbox for a few days then was also interrogated for a few hours. They were both charged with the Second Degree Murder of Master Trooper Natalie Wynn.

On July 21st, 2021, Piper was taken into custody by the San Andreas State Police and was arrested for 5000 months. The charges were False Impersonation of a Lawyer or Government Official, Felony Evasion, Reckless Endangerment, Vehicle Theft, False Imprisonment, Accessory to the Second Degree Murder of Natalie Wynn, Escaping Custody, Aiding and Abetting to Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Public Servant, Resisting Arrest x2, Accessory to Attempted Murder of a Public Servant x2, Attempted Murder x6 and Terroristic Acts.

Played By: Sarapocalypse
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