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Rajj Patel is a sex-crazed Indian man.

Character Background[]

Rajj Patel is known for repulsing everyone he encounters with unwelcome sexual advances. He enjoys selling his body to strange men and sending dick pics to everyone with a phone, including Gloria Munroe.

Rajj Patel had small runs in with Alexis Freeman, after a while the duo agreed to go on a date. With the help of his servant Abdul al-Rahim, they were brought to Patel’s apartment where they dined on chicken sandwiches. The dinner soon escalated and turned into some choking and strangling which resulted in Patel knocking Freeman out. 

Patel has been going to therapy on multiple occasions. He has previously been banned from therapy, by Zoey Lyrais, for taking a shit in the pool as well as destroying the property with his taxi cab. 


On 08/11/17 Rajj and Abdul al-Rahim were joined together in matrimony.
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