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"[Illegible muttering]...dandadic!"

― Ralph Price


Ralph Price is a retired elderly man, and father of Freddy Price. Not much is known about Ralph's past, but it is believed that he was the previous Chief of SecuroServ before passing the baton on to his son Freddy. As Freddy previously stated that SecuroServ has been a family company run by "my father, my father's father, and my father's father's father" since the 1800s.

Like his son, he has a speech impediment that others find hard to decipher. Although Ralph makes Freddy appear well spoken by comparison.


Ralph was first sighted in Los Santos on February 15th 2018, when he made a surprise appearance at his son Freddy Price's and Fanny Price's wedding at the Del Perro Pier. He gave a passionate and rousing speech at the ceremony, which nobody in attendance understood (except Freddy). At the wedding party at Richman Mansion, Ralph developed an attraction to Ayda Clarke pestering her with many hugs throughout the evening, much to the annoyance of her boyfriend Jack Deakins. Although there was a large gun-fight at the tail end of the wedding party, Ralph managed to completely avoid harm, sleeping through the whole ordeal. After almost getting arrested for insulting and assaulting police officers while trying to see his son in the hospital, Ralph returned to his retirement home.

Played By: Dimitri
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