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Ramiro "Smokey" Flores is a 28yo Mexican gangster who is affiliated with the Hispanic gang.. SUREÑOS Vagos (LSV).


Smokey born and raised in Jamestown, was nicknamed "Lil Smokey" due to being the son of a OG Vago Luis Angel "Smokey" Flores. The love of Old School stylin, Lowrider ridin, Pride Showin that Luis showed stuck on to Ramiro and that's where he got the love of Old school from. Luis Flores noticed his son being 100% into the street gang life, decided to blood him in at a young age of 16. Lil Smokey (At the time) had to go through series of tasks to show he is ready to get blooded in.. one being taking out a rival gang member to show he isn't afraid of taking ones life. He did so without hesitation and with a smile on his face. Lil Smokey got jumped in later that night. Some time passed and the LSPD showed up at his front door and arrested him for first degree murder. 12 years later he is back out on the streets of JT. Main goal in his life as of right now? Earning Jamestown and respect. Being under Diego's leadership, SureÑos Vagos will be put on the right track and earn JT back. Diego ended up choosing Smokey to be his #2 due to his hard work he has put in for the Gang. This is SUREÑOS VAGOS... Ese.