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Randall Cage is an employee for WetWorks Consultancy and is Ryan DeWitt’s former business partner.

Character Background[]

Randall Cage was first seen at the Parsons Rehabilitation Center for his alcohol addiction. Through the group therapy, Cage met Ryan DeWitt, Zoey Lyrais, and Harry Brown. Cage soon became a good friend of DeWitt. 

After some time Cage and DeWitt decided to set up a new social media platform called Social Stalkers. Social Stalkers’ main goal was to compete with Lifeinvader. Unfortunately due to the lack of investors and advertising money (despite signing Leanbois Insurances as a partner) the project was soon canceled.    

With the failed project Cage seeks for a new job and succeeded in his journey. He was signed by Nino Chavez for WetWorks Consultancy’s promotion team. 

Death and investigation[]

At the beginning of August, a missing person report was filed by Zoey Lyrais. As a result, a BOLO was sent out for Cage.

On August 8, 2017, body parts from Randall Cage were found in Paletto by the San Andreas State Police. An investigation was soon set up and led by Chief of Police Eli Thompson. The San Andreas State Police, Blaine County Sheriff's Office and the Los Santos Police Department were involved in the investigation with SASP running the lead. 

An autopsy report showed that there were slit marks near the throat of the body. However, the coroner was unable to do a full autopsy because there were missing body parts. 

On August 11, 2017, Nino Chavez was arrested in connection with the murder. Chavez was found on the crime scene which investigators believed he was tampering with evidence. Chavez’ official statement was that his presence at the crime scene was due to the Kimchi Adventures. 

After disputing the mounting evidence, investigators had to let Chavez out of custody. Not soon later a second suspect in the name of Ryan DeWitt was on the investigator's radars. 

On August 12, 2017, officers responded to a distress call on North Calafia Way. Officers arrived at the scene to find Nino Chavez, Ryan DeWitt, and Lilly Baker. Chavez was found badly injured in what appeared to be a slit near the throat. Ryan DeWitt was pronounced dead on scene. Investigators concluded that DeWitt’s death was caused by multiple gunshot wounds with bullets coming from Baker’s weapon. Baker’s statement was that she shot out of self-defense and being scared for her life and her friend’s life (Chavez). 

Crime scene investigators found the weapon (knife) on the scene and were able to match it with Cage’s case. 

On August 17, 2017, Nino Chavez was once again put into custody for questioning regarding the murder of Randall Cage and his relationship with DeWitt. Chavez was let go without charges. As of today the SASP, BCSO, and LSPD refrain from commenting on the investigation. It is believed the investigation is still ongoing.