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Raquel Montez is a tattoo artist who moved to Los Santos from Liberty City with her best friend from childhood Elena Perez.


Rocky moved to the City of Los Santos were she met Rossi DeLuca and became fast friends. Wanting to Continue and perfect her art Rocky took over the Blazing Tattoo over in Vinewood. After some time Rocky took on an apprentice Rae DePaynter who was a very talented artist.

After some time Rocky received an Email from a prospective investor from out of town:

Ms. Rocky Montes,

I have heard and seen many things about your level of work and I am are very impressed. I would like to discuss a possible business deal in which a new shop is fully funded and your other talents can be used as well.  Perhaps we could continue this discussion over video conference in which we can have formal introductions and discuss the potential I see in you and your work.

*You’ll find the instructions on connecting to the video conference below.*

Looking forward to it.


After contacting the Investor Rocky decided to temporarily close shop and head out of town and Meet with them in person.

After some time out of town learning some Lessons Rocky and her investor made the decision that it was time for her to return to the city to continue her business. Not long after she returned to the city Rocky decided to sell off Blazing Tattoos and Bought an old rundown Building off Sustancia Road in El Burro Heights which she refurbished into her own shop named Los Santos Tattoos which has more room for events and possible "Other" activities.

Played By: Runwyld
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