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"Ooh La La! Huehuehue!"- Reginald Bigglesby


Reginald Bigglesby, also known as Reggie, is widely known for wearing pink booty shorts. He is mostly seen driving a chrome painted taxi cab.


Early Life[]

Bigglesby is popular in Los Santos for his catchphrases “sexy” and “saucy”. His contagious laugh is what makes him a popular taxi driver. Although working for a taxi company Bigglesby likes to sell his cab as “Saucy taxi”. His first encounter with a law enforcement officer (Trooper Eli Thompson) was a stern warning about his clothing. During this encounter, Bigglesby wore nothing but booty shorts.

It was soon after that Bigglesby became friends with Lang Buddha, Tony Corleone,Al Saab, and Fanny Pudding. Bigglesby was later on seen as an affiliate gang member of the Leanbois by many law enforcement agencies. 

Engagement with Fanny Pudding[]

Since joining the Leanbois organization Bigglesby has been dating Fanny Pudding. This escalated in Bigglesby being engaging to Pudding. Although they maintained a good relationship they called off the engagement for unknown reasons. It wasn’t soon after that Pudding decided to date then Sheriff Deputy Mike Bayo

Anonymous life[]

During the citywide investigation regarding the failed bank heist, Bigglesby decided to go into hiding. Bigglesby has been living anonymity since whilst still maintaining his taxi “business”. 

Million dollar race[]

Teaming up with Shaggy Dankweed they won in the second race of the qualification race for Kimchi Adventures. However, during the final Bigglesby was unable to attend due to accidentally ordering a ticket at Los Santos Transit instead of ordering a ticket at Amtrak. 

Reggie returned to city after going into hiding, but this was very brief as he disappeared again for reasons unknown.