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Reyna Squires is a new addition to the District Attorney's Office, as a lateral transfer from San Fierro. She is most commonly known for her witty demeanor, tendency to be somewhat abrasive in conversation, and her trademark calling card of red accents in her clothing.


Early Life[]

Childhood and Teen Years[]

Growing up in northern San Fierro, Reyna was known to hang out with "less-than-stellar" crowds as a kid and teenager. She never got into major trouble, but was always known for causing unrest and getting herself into small situations. Despite the rowdiness and rebellion of her and her friend group, she trusted them with her life and wanted the best for them.

As they all got older, Reyna started to mature and move away from the rebellious phase, yet some of her closest friends went down the opposite path and ended up getting into trouble with the law. She felt helpless seeing her friends suffer injustice, as their punishments were way too harsh for the crimes, most of the time. The breaking point for Reyna was when her best friend from high school ended up getting sentenced to prison for ten years on a drug possession charge. Reyna decided she couldn't sit around helplessly anymore, and decided to pursue a career in social work.


Reyna ended up moving north for college, originally studying social work at the University of Washington. She had applied for a multitude of scholarships, and had the moral support of her community. Her grades were never perfect, but she managed to make it through college without much trouble. About halfway through her sophomore year, though, she decided on a change of pace to legal studies. Although social work would have been a noble cause, Reyna knew that there wouldn't be much she could do in the way of justice.

Beginnings of a Career[]

Defense Work[]

After obtaining her undergraduate degree in pre-law, Reyna continued her studies and locked down a paralegal position at a law firm back home in San Fierro. Her coworkers were very laid-back and flexible, which she found interesting coming from a group of lawyers. The work was light and the recommendations came easily. After finishing college and preparing for the BAR exam, Reyna was offered an associate position at the firm, and became a fully-fledged defense lawyer. Shortly after her promotion, the demeanor of her coworkers changed drastically. They began to be more open with their discontent at the work, complaining a lot, and showing their overall apathy towards their clients. Her superiors demanded that she take every case that came across her desk, no matter how impossible. Eventually the continuous losses took a toll on her, and she considered leaving the profession completely.

Assistant District Attorney - San Fierro[]

Throughout her career as a defense attorney, Reyna had multiple interactions with staff from the San Fierro District Attorney's Office. A couple of the ADAs had quietly recommended her to their boss, who eventually reached out to her for a meeting over coffee. They discussed the details of the profession, their likes and dislikes of it, and their eventual goals for themselves. Reyna was offered a position at the DA's Office, which she gladly took. The work was simple at first, with Reyna observing larger cases, and sitting second chair on smaller cases. Her love for the profession began to return, as she was finally experiencing legal work for what it should be: research, investigation, and proper court procedure.

Eventually, Reyna started taking cases on her own, becoming eager to finally make a name for herself. As she worked longer in the department, she began to develop methods and tendencies that some found unorthodox. Her way of questioning and her constant tendency to push the envelope with law enforcement started to gain her a unique reputation. Her trademark red Converse eventually became an icon of suspense in the courts of San Fierro.

Despite Reyna's success in the courtroom, her outside life was non-existent. She didn't really have any friends, and her coworkers were uneasy of her and her unorthodox practices. They began to describe her as "abrasive" and "reckless". She eventually knew that her time was coming to a close in her hometown, and started to seek out new ventures.

Assistant District Attorney - Los Santos[]

Reyna noticed a listing that called for Department of Justice workers in Los Santos, and decided to apply. Best case, she would take the job and get to start over new. Worst case, she would be denied and would have to look elsewhere. Regardless, it meant a new start in a new place, where she could reinvent herself. After sending over her credentials and having her certifications approved by the Los Santos division of the BAR, Reyna took the journey down the coast to Los Santos, eager to work for a new team.