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Dr.Richard Borg is a head Scientist at Humane Labs and Research he helps lead the lab in Forensics and Cybernetics.


Richard Borg was born on February 12 1985 to Cylus and Loretta Borg in the town of Bullworth, New Hampshire along with his younger sister Lexi. Borg went to and graduated from Bullworth Academy with high standing.

Love and Robots[]

he went on to study Cybernetics at the University of Liberty city where he met his first real love a young redhead film student named Rachel Rose.

Live, Love and Loss[]

After a few years together Borg and Rachel moved to Los Santos so Rachel could pursue her acting career and Borg continued his studies at University of San Andreas, Los Santos. It wasn't too long after moving to the city that Rachel got an acting Job. Borg saw less and less of her over the following Months until a year later she vanished completely with no trace. After words Borg made a shift in his studies into forensics wishing to find Rachel. After graduation he was offered a position at Humane Labs and Research where he rose through the ranks to head his own lab in Cybernetic Engineering. More recently he was approached by the Department of Public Safety to help establish a Forensics Lab with Daniel Bishop. Together they hired a brilliant young Forensic scientist named Amber Fry and the Forensic Science Division was formed. Borg still has yet to find any lead on Rachel and hopes his building relationship with law enforcement may help aid him in finding what has happened to her.


  • Has heterochromia one eye is brown the other is green
  • Went to Bullworth Academy an independent boarding school for the nation's children
  • He often carries a small black box with a ring in his lab coat pocket.(this was meant as an engagement ring for Rachel)
  • Has a thing For redheads
  • Loves Sci-fi and references them Frequently
  • He always brings fun snacks to the lab to share.