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Riley Maddox is a newcomer to Los Santos who arrived with her friend, Kimberly Reid. She has trouble with her feeling emotions and views people as pages in a book that she can rip out if necessary.

Riley was Head of Security/Secretary/Therapist/HR/Lifeguard/Riley for The Phoenix Corporation.


Riley grew up in an abusive home in Oroville, California, but her older sister Blake (a police officer) protected her. She was kicked out at age 17, and since then she been living on the streets.

Riley came to the city of Los Santos with her friend Kimberly Reid, who she met along the way. Both lived on the streets, trying to survive. Upon their arrival, they were shown around the city by Saab.

She got to know Jeffrey Connors, who helped her out when Jeff started his own company, The Phoenix Corporation. Jeff offered a job as a secretary, which she accepted.

On September 19, 2018, Riley made her first kill - Trashy Max, who kidnapped Mike Lemonade and shot Jeff. The following day, she spoke with Tidus Martel and Jeff. Tidus reinforced that what she did was self-defense, as she was protecting Mike and Jeff. She told Jeff that she would prefer if he let her take on the dangerous tasks like tackling people hiding in bushes, as she felt his safety was more important than hers. Jeff reminded her that the next person she has to kill might not be a stranger, to which she replied that she would do it as long as there was a good reason.

Riley left San Andreas on July 11, 2019, telling Ernest Bunbury she was leaving to sell weed in Disney World.

Fun Facts[]

Riley has done therapy for Jeffrey Connors, Mike Lemonade, couple counseling for Jeff and his wife Alexis Freeman, and group therapy for Phoenix Corporation.

Riley, alongside Kim, Levi Adams, and his brother Tyler, used to live in the tunnels.