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No matter which way you are facing, Rising Sun always has your back.Haruhiko Oshima


Rising Sun is an insurance company owned by Haruhiko Oshima located in Little Seoul.


Mr. Oshima and his right-hand Yazimitzu have worked towards employing more people into Rising Sun, creating the sole provider of car insurance in Los Santos. There are rumors that Mr. Oshima is trying to expand the business to offer home insurance as well.

With time, Rising Sun grew, taking onboard Makoto Nagano, Shizuo Orihara, Satoshi, Koni Noshamuri, and Bishop.

Mr. Oshima had made an agreement with Mav Doretto, the former owner of the Street Dreams custom shop, to provide tow and car repairs for the insurance company.

Rising Sun made a transition to selling auto parts on August 10, 2018, and transitioned again to selling cars on March 17, 2019.

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