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Robert Right, better known as just "Squirrel", is a 32-year old was Former President of Nomad Bikers which later turned into The Lost MC Chapter, Sandy Shores.


Character Background[]

Robert Right was born in 1985 in Sandy Shores, San Andreas. He received the nickname "Squirrel" growing up because he could always catch the most.

In mid-2017, a representative from the National branch of the Lost MC contacted Squirrel and his associate John "Simple" Smith about regular explosions at a meth lab operating out of Sandy Shores that were endangering public safety. Deciding enough was enough Squirrel and Simple made it Hell's Petting Zoo's mission to control drug distribution out of Sandy Shores, using the MC as a front.

President Nomad Bikers and Then Lost MC[]

Squirrel takes his role as President very seriously and hopes to have the MC appear like a legitimate, charitable organization in the public eye. He is extremely strict on club members and will punish mistakes made by both recruits and established members brutally.

He expects his men to be loyal and capable, but is aware of the need for the appearance of legitimacy and thus is reluctant to work with anyone outside of his organization, particularly individuals who seem reckless or loose-lipped.

To aid in the appearance of legitimacy Squirrel decided to hold regular Bike Night events where he and members of the MC are able to interact socially with people from Los Santos and the surrounding area which presents a positive public image. These events are always centered around charity, with the MC matching donations and delivering the proceeds directly to the police, to be donated in the LSPD's name.

He disappeared for reasons unknown, also so did John Smith also known as Simple, which meant Bobby Goodman took over as President.

Known Associates[]

  • Trooper Eli Thompson - LS State Trooper in charge of investigating the activities of the Lost MC in Sandy Shores