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On September 14th, Robin left Los Santos, returning home to Milwaukee. His sister, Leah, had gotten into a motorcycle accident and was in critical condition

On September 19th, Robin went to meet up with some of his old pals to hopefully make some money in the meantime. He was given a spot to meet them at. Upon arriving at the house, they ziptied him, threw him in the back of a van, took him outside the city, and executed him.

A farmer in the area heard the shot, and went to investigate. The farmer located Robin, and called 911. Robin was taken to Froedtert Hospital and placed on life support, in critical condition.

On November 8th, Robin's sister Leah, who at this point was well on her way to recovery, told the doctors to pull the plug on Robin.

At 3:01 PM (Central), Robin was declared deceased.