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Roy Young is 40 years old and wanted by the FIB for being employed as an enforcer for the mob on the east coast near Liberty City under “The Count". Sal “The Count” O’Roark was one of the few mob bosses that transcended racial lines by being of both Italian and Irish decent. His crew was one of a rare breed of criminal organizations that crossed into both Little Italy and the Irish communities with little to no resistance.

Young was O’Roark’s go-to man for dealing with his problems. Someone yet to pay up? Send Young. Someone disrespect the “Family”? Send Young. Something need retrieving? Send Young. Something or someone need to be cleaned up? Send Young.

After years of heinous crimes in the name of “business”, O’Roark was trapped in a phony gun buy from a set of supposed Russian gun dealers. It was an elaborate sting operation and LCPD along with branches of other law enforcement agencies nabbed O’Roark and several others. Young barely escaped the sting due to the world’s best (or worst) luck; being delayed to the meet by a distracted cab driver in front of him at an intersection. Had Young been 2 minutes earlier, he would have been caught.

Now, Young is in the wind and needs money to flee the country as all his assets were seized or frozen after the sting. He has reached out to a variety of associates he has worked with in the past to pull off one last job.

Young has received word from a trusted source out west that there is going to be a large sum of cash stored at the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood Blvd in Los Santos, San Andreas. If they can pull of this final job, they can all walk away extremely rich, and Young can disappear for good. But the risk is extremely high and with his status with the feds, if they catch him its “game over”.

Young is currently wanted by the FIB for multiple counts of Extortion, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Blackmail, Battery, Obstruction of Justice, Tampering with Evidence, Assault on a Peace Officer.

The Vinewood Job[]

Young successfully made his way to San Andreas. He was able to contact old "friends" and colleagues he had worked with throughout his years in the "business". Norman "Hemlock" Roberts, Elizabeth "Goldie" Maret, Andrew "Tears" Payne, Marshawn "Cash" Carter, Troy "Trojan" Jackson along with Mr. Gray and Mr. Fox, all were requested to join him in Los Santos for a "Big Job".

The various members joined Young at the Pink Cage motel in Vinewood to hear why they were brought out to the west coast. Young had staked out the Pacific Standard Bank and planned to hit it for the multi-million dollar score within. The team spent the next three weeks planning, surveilling, and gathering the needed equipment for the job. On March 15, 2020 the team lured two unsuspecting taxi drivers (Eric Bay and Zeera King) to the bank on Vinewood Blvd and forced them into the bank at gunpoint.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, the crew worked quickly to break into the vault and bag up the money while Goldie was nearby on overwatch with the getaway vehicle. It wasn't long before officers arrived on scene and negotiations began. Major Mike Boscoreli was the first officer on scene and spoken with Young to keep things from getting violent.

As the team finished up, Tears slipped and fell into a glass table. The resulting injuries opened his stitched eye and caused an excessive amount of blood to be spilled on the bank floor. Young had the getaway driver approach and the team move to the car but before he left he told Tears he couldn't leave him behind and shot him twice with his revolver. The team rushed to the awaiting Granger and pushed one of the hostages into the back and sped off with cops hot on their heels. Somewhere in the mess, Hemlock fell from the Granger and was forced to make his way to the docks himself.

The team led the cops to the docks on Elysian Island where the SS Bulker was waiting for the team. However before the team could board, officers opened fire and all but Cash were forced to take cover behind the Granger and shoot it out with officers. Goldie and Young were gunned down as their hostage took several rounds too. Cash ended up in a full standoff before he too was gunned down.

Hemlock showed up late and exchanged fire with Deputy Miller of the BCSO before being forced to jump over board to avoid more gunfire. Sadly, he drowned after hitting the water. Goldie was announced dead on scene after losing too much blood. Cash succumbed to his injuries at Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Young narrowly escaped death and was remanded to the custody of the police. Due to the laundry list of charges he was looking at a hefty sentence but unknown to Young, the FIB had already issued a full BOLO along with a list of his past charged. All this combined left authorities no choice but to place him in custody with a "life" sentence.

Young was transported to Bolingbroke Penitentiary with a life sentence.

Played By: NeonGeek_
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