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Ryan DeWitt was a Scottish immigrant brought over to Los Santos to create a rival Social Network company to Lifeinvader, Social Stalkers. He was known to spend a lot of time with Randall Cage, who he considered a best friend, Harry Brown and Zoey Lyrais. He was killed by Lilly Baker after attempting to solve the murder of Randall Cage.


Ryan was brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland and from a young age had a great interest in technology. He quickly picked up various coding languages and decided to use his ability to create the largest Social Network Los Santos had ever saw, Social Stalkers. Upon arriving in the city Ryan made various deals with different parties such as Leanbois Insurance to get the project up and running. Things were derailed for Ryan when freak weather accidents in the city led to people calling him a 'Weather Demon' these interactions led to Ryan going down a dark path, meeting Francis Sinclair, who he believed was a Paranormal Specialist. Francis convinced Ryan to help him kidnap Zoey Lyrais who he believed was the source of all evil in the city and along the way they were joined by Bershawnda. The scenario ended with Bershawna in prison, Francis shot dead by Police, and Ryan also imprisoned for a short period of time, and subjected to therapy. While in therapy Ryan struck up a good relationship with his therapist Zoey, another patient Harry Brown and the person who would become his best friend, Randall Cage. Ryan left the city for several weeks to work on a business plan for his website, coming back upon losing contact with Randall. After learning about Randall's death, Ryan attempted to solve the mystery of the murder himself, which led to Nino telling Ryan the truth about the circumstances of Randall's death, and after attempting to kill Nino was himself shot to death on scene by Lilly Baker. Ryan was pronounced dead on scene.