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Sabrina Snow (born December 7th, 1995) is a positive and happy young woman with a love for the color white, as well as unicorns and rainbows. Though she's a criminal, she's very honest about her criminal activities - However, she tends to not think to mention them when questioned.


A Split Childhood[]

Born to Calvin and Lily Snow, Sabrina’s parents were separated almost all of her life, and she would swap homes every weekend. While her mother was kind, caring, and truly cared about raising Sabrina, her father was a notorious criminal, and sought to teach Sabrina to become a criminal like him. By the age of ten, she was a master pickpocket; while also having tea parties with her friends at her mother’s house every other week. By the time she was fifteen, she was stealing and ransacking cars with her father, while also going on shopping sprees with her mother on opposite weeks.

Being raised in two drastically different environments, Sabrina struggled to reconcile the two polar opposite moral standards she was being taught: While her father was pushing her toward a life of crime and dishonesty, her mother was encouraging her to be kind and honest at every opportunity. Stuck between the qualities of the parents she loved, she came to a personal compromise: She’d become the criminal her father taught her to be, but she’d also be kind and honest when she could.

The Angelic Criminal[]

With this decision to be a kind and honest criminal came a great deal of change. When Sabrina began to honestly answer any direct questions about her criminal activity, her father began distancing himself from her, fearing she would rat him out if it came down to it.

Left without her father and partner in crime, and her mother mostly unaware of her criminal activities, Sabrina was already at yet another crossroads at the age of seventeen. Give up crime and be the kind and caring person her mother raised her to become, or continue on the path of kind and honest crime? The decision should have been simple, and it almost was. She nearly dropped her life of crime - Until she realized, she didn’t know anything else. While her mother had always raised her to be kind, caring, and honest, she never learned how to get a real job, how to maintain a real job, or how to support herself; Aside from crime. Crime was the one thing she knew how to do. The one thing she could do to make money, and support herself.

Partners in Crime[]

Left without her father to pursue crime with, Sabrina had several new “partners in crime” over time, in most cases entering romantic relationships with them. These relationships, and partnerships, usually ended either due to Sabrina’s insistence on kindness and honesty, or simply because Sabrina didn’t like them anymore.


  • Sabrina has an ex-boyfriend who supposedly claimed that Sabrina was "'thicc' enough to make any floor a comfortable place for her to sit"; though, she claims to have dumped him because he didn't share her love for unicorns.
  • Sabrina has claimed to have witnessed someone being beheaded. Whether this was a joke or not is up for debate.
  • Sabrina has claimed to have been a stripper at one point in her life, going by the stage name ‘Snow White’.
Played By: CyrusMercer
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