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Samantha Langley was a Trooper in the San Andreas State Police.

Biography Edit

The One Edit

At some point Langley begin flirting with Maxine Devereux the then owner of Street Dreams. On October 13th 2018, after Maxine was released from Bolingbroke Penitentiary/Parsons Rehabilitation Center for the murder of Ayda Clarke, and the two started a relationship. Maxine and Langley spent many days living peacefully together keeping a low profile and staying out of the city.

Goodbyes Edit

Sometime in May 2019 Maxine and Langley decided that they were going to leave the state of San Andreas for a home Maxine inherited in New Orleans, and Langley taking a job at the New Orleans Police Department . As of July 2019 the two have moved away and are living happily together.

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