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Sandy Shores is a small desert town located in the middle of the Grand Senora Desert in Blaine County, San Andreas. Sandy Shores is situated south of Grapeseed, sits on the coastline of the Alamo Sea and overlooks the huge Mount Chiliad. It has a dry, arid climate, and is home to many coyotes that often end up as roadkill. At some point in time, it had a population of approximately 3,010, as seen on a welcome sign on the approach to the town.

Formerly a picturesque holiday resort, Sandy Shores is a somewhat abandoned, poverty-stricken, desolate town with ubiquitous meth labs, trailer parks, drug addicts, gang activity, prostitutes and bigoted rednecks. There is evidence of its past as a holiday destination with the decaying remains of motels, drained swimming pools and trailers, and even a boarded-up marina building by the coast of the Alamo Sea. The town possibly turned into a neglected, run-down community due to the increasing toxicity of the Alamo Sea, caused by people dumping waste into the water and the large influx of methamphetamine production, turning its residents into addicts, and deterring potential tourists as a result.

On the eastern side of Sandy Shores, there are mostly trailers and small houses in which the local hillbillies dwell in. However, there are are a few recognizable companies operating in the town, such as 24/7. The western side of Sandy Shores mostly consists of abandoned buildings, The south side of Sandy Shores consists of the Sandy Shores Airfield, located in the Grand Senora Desert.

Several streets run briefly east of the townsite, ending in dead-ends in the middle of land partially swamped by the Alamo Sea, suggesting the body of water might have at one point flooded areas intended for development.

Despite being such a derelict and neglected area, there are several major chain businesses located around Sandy Shores, including Ammu-Nation. There is also a radio tower in the center of the town.

Sandy Shores Medical Center and a Sheriff's Office are also located in the town.