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Ol Satchamoe is a homely, homeless, and endearing soul. He used to be a backup player for Louie Armstrong and Stevie Wonder and lost everything. He is a very inquisitive but nurturing beloved human. He never speaks out of spite and loves talking to everyone, even if he likes to jab out of fun (WEAK). He sometimes dabbles in alcohol but he doesn't get violent. He only reacts with aggression in super tense positions defensively if his backs to the wall. He's very likable and relatable old man. He found a man name Floyd Skump who convinced Satchamoe that aliens are in fact, very real. His nickname is, "hot-hands Jones" for his proficient ability in winning in the game of Cee-Lo. In 2008 on his birthday, his wife Georgina passed away and suffered an unknown neurological condition and now has limited to no memory of his past.


It was years after Hobolese's death. This is our story, the story of the Satchamoe Jones. Birthed from the ashes of Hobolese Was Satchamoe Jones, He ascended from an ashtray, The very same ashtray the musical legend Stevie Wonders shook his cigarette butts' into. The ashtray fell once Stevie started playing his music but at this moment in his life, Stevie was not blind. As Satchamoe combusted out of the fallen ash he burst into life booty butt naked. Stevie Wonder couldn't believe what he saw at this moment. He wondered to himself if the coke that he snorted was tainted. That's when Satchamoe attacked whilst saying "Listen here ya mothafucka the names Satchamoe and I'm taking your slide flute you som mamma bitch!". The naked hobo attacked the eyes of Stevie Wonder blinding him for life Stevie Wonders clutched at his eyes as Satchamoe looked on. He then went into Stevie's Wardrobe and dawned his best attire.