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Introduction []

The Scarlet Valkyries are an all female Motorcycle Club that was formed initially to provide a place for women who are motorcycle enthusiasts. A group that can band together, ride together and build strength together.

The MC as a whole attempts to remain neutral to surrounding conflicts but will lend aid to other MCs if needed. The official stance is that the Scarlet Valkyries MC is to conduct only legal business.

Biography []

The Scarlet Valkyries was initially formed by Camilla Waters AKA "Sparks", and it currently has two members: Gem and Skid.

The Valkyries went into a period of dormancy following Lacey's murder on October 4, 2018 and Sparks's hospitalization a few days later. In January 2019, the Valkyries got their patches in and Sparks started looking for prospects again. Sparks finally recovered Lacey's ashes from the coroner's office on January 19, 2019 with Wade Black's help.

The Valkyries once again went dormant following Sparks's death on March 30, 2019, as the remaining members were inactive. After a couple months of being out of town, Skid returned at the start of May 2019 and was informed by Alexandra Ricci of Sparks's death. Tex showed her where Sparks's ashes were interred and gave her Sparks's kutte and president patch.

Former Members[]