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Sebastian Peters is a young nerd and a member of E$E that turns into his alter ego "Killcam" when under extreme stress.


Mild-mannered Sebastian Peters joined E$E after being told by his stepfather to make some money. When he met the leader of the E$E, Ned Felman. he discovered Ned was also his Call of Duty rival and hero '420danknugnugz'. After proving himself to the gang he joined and got the gang name 'Killcam'. He then purchased a mask and a voice changer so he could be an original gangster.

Alter Ego[]

After wearing the mask for awhile and participating in gang shit the gang discovered Sebastian was gone and only Killcam was left. After turning back into Sebastian, Ned and Netti tested him by shouting abuse at him to see if he would turn back into Killcam when they needed it. Sebastian started sulking until he couldn't take it anymore and Killcam came out. After that Ned deemed him 'The Incredible Sulk'. Sebastian/Killcam is extremely loyal and possibly in love with Netti which may be in part the reason Killcam was born as she likes him better than nerdy Sebastian.