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Shaggy Dankweed, typically referred to as just "Shaggy", is a friendly stoner and drug dealer. He is the older brother of former Los Santos criminal defense attorney Dante Dankweed. Shaggy was formerly engaged to fellow criminal mastermind Ella Stone.


Character Background[]

Shaggy was left on a doorstep in the Grove Street cul-de-sac shortly after his birth. He was raised on Grove Street bouncing from house to house as the home owners got arrested or killed. Shaggy isn't sure of the identities of his parents; however, he met a mysterious man named Drew whom Shaggy believes is his biological father. He's known for always getting into trouble. After a great amount of time and practice, Shaggy has turned into one of the fastest safe-crackers in Los Santos.

Activity in the City[]

As of August 9, 2017 Shaggy was engaged to Ella Stone after a romantic proposal in the sunset where they received the blessings of Eli Thompson. However, Ella returned her engagement ring to Shaggy by July 16, 2018, informing him they need to try some time apart but hopes that she could win him back.

On August 7, 2018, Shaggy revealed he had been cheating on Ella with Coco Kale. Ella officially called off the engagement and broke up with Shaggy. Shaggy and Coco broke up on October 14, 2018 - Shaggy didn't trust her, and she reported to Archie Cooper about the weed storehouse. He tried to get back with Coco, but she denied it and decided to officially ended it.

Weed Farm[]

Shaggy has worked his way up the food chain and no longer pushes weed bags to customers on the streets. Now he is responsible for supplying weed pick up locations around the island with bricks of marijuana. Shaggy also holds claim to the area of the farm after the Death Dealers MC becomes inactive. Shaggy is currently not certain of how he plans to run the farm when he is in charge.

Played By: Timmac
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