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Skyler Rose is an investigative journalist in Los Santos specializing in reporting on crime and police activity. She writes articles and publishes them to the government website.


Skyler, though appearing as an innocent journalist with a lisp, has murderous and violent tendencies. She has actively participated in the torture of Theodore Gray following him getting stabbed by Maxine Devereux and continued to torment him as a source of information both before and after that incident.

Skyler also has a distinct "second voice", which she rarely slips into. It has only been revealed to Theo so far, but it is confirmed to be her natural voice. The voice is reminiscent of Harley Quinn and lacks the lisp of her other voice.

Most notably as a journalist, Skyler has written two articles that expose the weaknesses or evil-doings of both the LSPD/BCSO and SecuroServ. The article about the police came after an incident where Deputy TJ Mack pulled Skyler over on her moped for a "ridiculous charge", which she called a "waste of police resources". The SecuroServ article was published after Freddy Price, hearing that she was writing an article about his organization being a cult, beat her with a bat in a tattoo parlor.

Played By: PmsProxy
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