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"Just don't get caught"
―Stanley Benedict


Stanley "James" Benedict is a Catholic reverend of the "Children of the Mountain" Church on Strawberry Ave, Los Santos. Stanley has lived in LS since 1978.



Stanley was born December 5th 1949 and was raised by a catholic family in Birmingham, England. In 1978 his family moved to Los Santos due to his mother (Sarah Benedict) finding work in the city, Stanley and his father (John Benedict) were inducted by the clergy into a local church as his father was a Reverend back in England. For a number of years he worked with his father and the church was eventually passed down to Stanley after his father's passing in 1988. Stanley took care of his mother in their small suburban home until she passed away a year later from lung cancer.

Stanley's Decline[]

At the time of his mother's death, Stanley was known for taking care of the people around him however after mourning his mother's death he began to drink and change his ways. He started to involve himself in the gang life of the southside taking deals from local gangs, taking money on the side to feed his drinking habits. He began to abuse his role as a member of the clergy to gain information from local Catholics. At this point Stanley's alter ego “Jacob” began to form and appear in the presence of those Stanley despised.

Stanley began to find avenues of other sources of income, he began to pocket donation money for himself, selling drugs and robbing from nearby ATM’s. To this day, Stanley is a regular to bump into at jail and is infamous with police due to his extensive arrest record.

Stanley is a blunt, rude and sarcastic person who appears to have no filter to what he says. He uses those around him for profit and twists people's belief in god for his own personal benefit. These days Stanley faces a constant battle with rival religions who are aspiring to ruin the priests credibility with daily scrutiny. One of these groups go by the name of “Epsilon”.

The Holy Wars[]


In the early 90's, rival religious groups like the "Epsilon Programme" began cropping up around Los Santos. It wasn't long before these religions became hostile with each other. Epsilon started to make propaganda and media campaigns to taint the Catholic clergy's reputation and since then the majority of the clergy has gone into hiding to avoid the scrutiny by the public.

Terrorist Charge[]

Stanley is known for his hatred towards the Epsilon programme, the latest case being him and a few others attempted to blow up a car outside of the Epsilon Building. This was stopped however after they were caught in the act by police, Stanley is now on a terrorist watch list and is being monitored by the police.

Alter Ego[]


In 1988, Stanley was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. There has been several cases of Stanley deviating heavily from his usual self. In these cases he's gone after people he considers to be "sinners". Jacob believes those that wrong him should be met with justice of his own doing and that he's following the will of god.

Social Security Gang[]

In March of 2020 Stanley and Russell Leonard established the SSG (Social Security Gang): a group of likeminded misfits who's sole ambition is to cause maximum chaos.

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