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Stella Myles, born Clara Pearce, is a 30 year old competent hacker, serial killer and a hitman from San Francisco. From early childhood, Stella has a history of violence and vindictive behaviour. She has previous records from a therapist of being narcissistic and having Type B personality.


Stellas parents past away when she was 17 years old. She then had to take care of herself since there were no other relatives involved in her life. She pretty quickly got her interest in computers and especially hacking into various systems. She started off hacking into the high school system to change her degrees to the better in order to be able to go to the university of San Francisco. Her then friends started noticing her passion for computers and then starting to pay her to do the same for them.

When Stella was 21 years old she helped a friend to change her grades. This "friend" then turned Stella in for cheating, which lead to Stella getting expelled.

Stella went after this "friend" and killed her and her acquaintances, cold-blooded. She then got investigated for the murders of the 10 people in San Francisco.

In late 2017 she got sent to a mental healthcare facility for psych evaluation, which she did not approve of. She then escaped the facility, changed her identity and her appearance and took the earliest flight to Los Santos.

Gambino associations[]

When Stella got to Los Santos, she pretty quickly got in touch with Matthew "Spades" Miller, and they started working together. They did several drug deals together for a couple of months. After a time, Spades wanted her to be a part of Gambinos and were trying to recruit her. Stella being a loner, she wanted no part of the Gambinos as a group. This led to several misunderstandings and people mistaking her for being a Gambino.


In late August 2018 Stella got a call from an old accosiate in San Francisco and booked a flight. Stella and her associate did some hits for some higher ups in San Francisco, which ended up being a failure and her associate got shot and died. Stella managed to get away, but because of the failure, the upper boss hacked into Stellas bank account and stole the majority of her money. Leaving her with just a minimum.

6 months later Stella decided to head back to Los Santos because of the heat in San Francisco. Coming back with the news that her previous associate in Los Santos got killed, leaves Stella alone yet again.


"I do the one thing that you can't. You hit them and they get back up. I hit them, and they stay down"

"I will give you 10 minutes to pray for God to come and save you..."

"Time's up. What a shame, looks like there is no God to save you now"