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Terry is a foster child brought up on rough council estates in Cardiff. Picked on for his clothes being hand me downs from a charity shop and never really fitting in Terry pushed to get people's approval and would often end up in trouble with foster parents, teachers or the law. Terry would bounce from foster home to foster home until he eventually hit 18 and with no real qualifications would get a job as a broom boy at a local repair shop. The owner, an old man by the name of Steven Jacobs, would take young Terry under his wing after seeing the crowds he would run with and the potential trouble that would bring. Steve would teach Terry how to repair cars and eventually employ him as a mechanic. Terry would grow quite close to Steve seeing him as a father figure and having a huge amount of respect for him, to the point he would change his last name legally to Jacobs as an unofficial adoption. Terry would spend all his free time with Steven on projects, one being the restoration of a car that would later be Terry's. He not only drove around in it but would always be tuning and taking care of it, cleaning and maintaining it like a prize possession. Terry's life would eventually hit a downward spiral as Steven would have a heart attack one Sunday evening as they sit at home watching T.V. Steven would pass away at the hospital later that night. Terry would slowly lose everything. He was not legally the son of Steve and with no legal proof he would lose the house to the bank, the repair shop and any savings Steven had. Terry with nothing left and no one in his life would quickly spiral out of control seeking all the things he did before, the crowds he turned away from he would be bending over backwards to try and impress, crashing the restored vehicle he once prided and protected so dearly just to impress so called 'friends'. Terry would eventually get what he thought he wanted, a gang to hang with, until he was used by the very people he trusted as a scapegoat for a crime he didn't commit. Terry would be told to 'borrow' a car one evening and meet the gang near the town center which Terry would do without question.. he would meet at the location where 2 of the gang members were and one would give him a black holdall bag which he was told not to look in.. Terry being the mindless follower he was would not question this and instead follow orders taking the holdall to the meetup point. After waiting 30 minutes and starting to panic he would realize that lateness was the least of his problems as curiosity would get the better of him and he would check inside the bag to find blood smeared money and guns with masks.. the shock and fear would freeze Terry in place as the blue sirens became visible, quickly becoming to late to react. Terry would be met with multiple armed officers and multiple vehicles full of police. After a night in the cells Terry would be put in front of a judge and found guilty, spending 4 years incarcerated in prison, spending his time as a ghost keeping himself to himself, broken and ashamed at what Steven would think of him, trying to keep his nose clean and get out on good behavior. Terry would quietly serve his time keeping his mouth shut before new evidence would see him cleared of the charges. One of the gang member's parents would learn the truth and after not wanting to see an innocent person suffer, tell the police and present the names of the actual criminals allowing Terry to be released. Although Terry would be a free man he would still be tarnished and branded just as bad as the actual criminals finding it impossible to get job anywhere. Terry would make the decision one night after spending hours up the graveyard talking to Steve's Gravestone, He would seek a new start. Terry would leave everything behind for Los Santos, a place he had heard was a simple place to start again, with sun and easy immigration he would buy a one way ticket with the money he could scrape up from selling the very few possessions he had left and with one last visit to Steven's gravestone he would say his goodbye to the only thing keeping him in the UK. Terry's fresh start will be not only be to better himself but to better people's opinion on him. He's come to Los Santos to stay on a straight path, he will want to prove the doubters wrong and prove to himself he can make Steven proud.


Meeting 'R'.[]

Terry would start off his time in Los Santos staying at apartment 30 at the pink cage he would work as a taxi driver earning cash to keep a roof over his head, Terry kept himself to himself until a taxi ride with a interesting individual named 'R'(Raith Robinson). Raith would question Terry about his intentions in the city and after a long conversation and judgement call would offer him a more extravagant way of making money, Terry at first would say he needed time but later take him up on that offer.

The Comet Retro Custom[]

Terry bought first car from an ad by an individual named Amber Finklesteen, who after speaking to each other would come to an agreement where he would pay $30,000 up front and follow up payments to secure a Comet Retro Custom which would eventually be the car people would associate with him.

The Paleto Guys and Slideways[]

After a while in the city Terry crashed his taxi and a Tow Driver named Brian Brown would respond to his call and after towing his taxi to Slideways, would meet the mechanic, Leon Dawes who repaired the taxi and exchanged numbers with each other, Terry would eventually accept a job Towing for Slideways as a tow driver and move up to a motel in Paleto.

The Vanilla Unicorn[]

Terry spent most of his time working and with Tow work being limited he would pay his weekly pay to Grove and in the process would end up meeting Jackie Steins, who after an interview would hire him as a bartender. Terry would take every opportunity to open the Vanilla Unicorn and would eventually climb the ladder to an Assistant Manager's position


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On one rainy day Terry would leave prison after a short stay and would hop on Twitter asking for a ride, after no response he would walk to Harmony and acquire a vehicle using it to get back to the city and to his own car, on the way he would be mentioned in a comment from a Isabeau Donner that would peak is interest and after a little light joking he would make his way southside to drive around, on the way he would see a woman walking on her own towards the Ammunation and without knowing why would have the urge to ask if she needed a lift, the woman would agree and introduce herself as Isabeau Donner, "but you can call me Issy" she told TJ, he would exchange numbers with her and they got chatting, offering her a lift instead of walking in the rain and eventually asking her on a date, they would go to the beach and talk about the differences between English and Americn culture and would enjoy each others company, they would end up becoming an Item and TJ would see her every opportunity he could, whether it be getting her drunk at the VU as he bar tended or meet her at the Skate Park where she worked, he would try his best to see her whenever he had time.


Terry would open the VU whenever he could and spend his time southside, after a while he would fall into the role of scout, being a set of eyes for Grove. He would callout suspicious cars or people and during times of war would be a lookout informing them of any vehicles that would drive past the bridge.

Terry would show his worth and become an affiliate of Grove and would help with things that were beneath the gang to do.

One day 'R' would approach TJ with 3 names, of people he would want picked up. TJ knew this was a way to show himself as something more than a set of eyes and at the first opportunity would attempt to kidnap Vince Kaufman, his first attempt would fail as Vince would drive away as TJ pulled a gun on him, but he would not make the same mistake twice and in Legion Square he would find Vince once more and after shouting for him to put his hands up and not get in the car he would unload a clip from his Glock-17 into Vince's driverside window and escape to show Raith and Grove he was capable of more than just Scouting.


R would continue to give Terry tasks and after a while introduced him to Andre Mitchell who also was putting in time and work for R completing tasks, Raith would tell the two that together they may find getting things done alot easier and he was right, both Terry and Andre would continue putting in work completing tasks and bringing Grove people of interest before being introduced to Grove's Crack Kitchen, and together cooking bricks of coke into Crack Rocks for the guys and in turn showing their loyalty and worth to helping out Grove.

Blooding In[]

Terry would continue to show his loyalty to Grove by carrying out tasks and opening the Vanilla Unicorn, when one day Grove would call him into the garden and after speaking to Warren Bautista leader of Grove, TJ would be told to hold his hand out by Raith Robinson and be blooded in.