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Introduction []

The East Side Dragons were a criminal organization dealing in various fields such as the drug and weapon trades. They fronted themselves as a street gang but operated their true business in the shadows. The organization was led by Chung Fei and Jay Reign and used a hierarchy similar to the Mafia.

Biography []

The East Side Dragons, commonly referred to as "The Dragons", were an organization focused on enforcing their standards of crime in the Eastern Side and ultimately climbing the power ladder by doing good business and maintaining their relationships to other organizations. The leaders came from the organization known as The Tribe where they began their ventures in the East over half a year ago with The Chief. Midway through their stint in The Tribe Chung became Chief's right-hand man while Jay began building his own crew within the Tribe known as The Chaos Crew. Soon after building this crew The Tribe began falling apart which led to the exit of Jay and Chung from The Tribe and the Formation of the East Side Dragons.

Not long after, this crew fell apart as the members slowly integrated into different gangs. Most of the members merged and joined The Grove Street Family.