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The Flower Pot News, commonly referred to as Flower pot, is an American digital media website and media network founded by Lilly Baker in 2017. The Flowerpot Pot News mainly covers the latest news within Los Santos.

History []

The Flower Pot News was founded in July, 2017. The critical response to their first article “Bernie’s parking lot, stolen parts and chaos” was overwhelmingly positive. The first article was published on July 24, 2017. 

The Flower Pot is known to hire freelancers to write the articles. Their partnership with WetWorks Consultancy makes it possible to facilitate the search of writers and editors. The Flowerpot news is currently experimenting with a system to allow readers to combine forces with editors to produce their own editorial pieces. It is unknown if this project is still running. 

Baker is the current editor for the Flowerpot news. 

Mission Statement[]

The Flower Pot News aims to create, collect and distribute high-quality news and information. The editors and writers strive to reflect the dynamism of Los Santos. The city’s iconic status as a global entertainment capital, its entrepreneurial spirit, and the cultural diversity are among the strengths of the civilians of Los Santos.

Link []

The Flower Pot News