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The Four Winds is a hobo guild that is sworn to rule and protect the Hobo Realm from any and all evil. At all times the guild is comprised of 4 appointed councilmen who are sworn to protect the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western portions of the realm.


The exact origins of The Four Winds remains a mystery, but according to legend, the council was formed "many moons ago", or more accurately in 2007. The original founding members of "The Winds" were Dolores Green, Jerry Curl, Hobo Harry and Peter Heerink who collectively formed the group in an effort to keep the city safe from supposed "dark entities".

On March 16th, 2017 council-member Hobo Harry passed away after defeating a dark entity, Sloppy Joe, in battle. Afterwards, The Guild heavily mourned the loss of Harry and is currently on a quest to fill his vacant position of Westbound Hobo.

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