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"The Almighty forgives, The Lost don't."
―The Lost MC motto


The Lost MC are a motorcycle club that runs out of Blaine County, they have a firm grasp over controls most of the weed trade in Blaine County. The Lost was originally led by Former President Robert Right and now Bobby Goodman aka "Dragon".


The Lost MC has two Chapters: The Alderney Chapter (Liberty City) and The Blaine County Chapter. Within' San Andreas, The Lost MC can be found in The Grand Senora Desert (Senora Freeway and Hookie's (Diner)) Grapeseed, North Chumash, Stab City, and The Lost MC Clubhouse to which is located within' Los Santos on Mirror Park Boulevard, East Vinewood.

The Lost MC have been in control of weed in Blaine County ever since their arrival, and more specifically the weed farm. Which has caused them some problems with people, and caused feuds with other Gangs/Organizations in the city.

Feud with Grove Street

For a long number of months in late 2017, The Lost MC & Grove Street, fought over control of weed distribution, among other things. Most of their continued problems from this originate with the repeated shootings of MC members and Grove members, especially the kidnapping and near-death of Lil Tuggz who had written a slanderous rap song about the "South-side". Eventually, the feud died out after one of the Lost MC members sacrificed himself to end the 'blood-for-blood' war. Dragon and Jack Jackson were able to call a cease-fire and return them to neutral terms.

Merge with The Tribe

In the April of 2018; The Lost MC merged with The Tribe to create The Lost Tribe. However, less than a month later, the group was re-separated due to leadership differences between Nancy Flutterbottom and Dragon.

Loss of everything

The Lost MC, lost everything apart from the weed farm, the President Dragon went inactive, as well as other key members. Everyone went inactive apart from Erik Falk who tried to hold it together but lost the clubhouse due to not being able to pay for it alone. He handed in his patch and left the club.

They did manage to keep hold of the weed farm, thanks to the help of the Death Dealers MC, which helped the two become affiliates.

Meanwhile Dragon did return, and plans to put The Lost MC reputation back where it belongs.

Former Members


Safe House

  • Multiple Trailers in Stab City
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