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The Lost Nomad M.C. is a new Los Santos chapter of The Lost M.C. stationed out of their compound in northern Mirror Park. The Lost Nomads came from all over the United States, being sent to San Andreas by the main chapter in Liberty City, to investigate why the previous chapter in the state went dark and learn why The Lost M.C. name had become a joke to the people of Los Santos.


A motorcycle club known to be cop haters, and are very quick to shoot them down. They are supposedly stationed in the Mirror Park M.C. Compound. What seems to be their goal currently is to gain and keep control of Popular Street in order to run protection for truckers. In addition, they commonly push drugs, mainly crack, and patrol the east side around Mirror Park for those of unwelcome allegiance such as police.

War against the Co-op[]

After relations between The Gambino Family and The Grove Street Family went sour, the Lost Nomads found themselves embroiled in a city wide gang war against the south side gangs consisting of The Grove Street Family, Los Santos Vagos, and the Vespucci Kings; all of them together now known as the co-op. With The Gambino Family as their sole ally, the Lost Nomads patrolled the territory they had under control and did their best to keep it locked down with the relatively small number they possessed. However, the co-op's superior numbers and sheer force proved too much, and one by one members of the Lost Nomads were killed off; starting with Bobby "Branch" Woods. In the end, with the remaining members dead or away from the city, the biker club is now effectively defunct with the only active member being Jeremy Omen who is currently stuck with the decision of reforming the Lost Nomads or surrendering his kutte in exchange for being allowed entry to The Grove Street Family.

New Era[]

Jeremy Omen made the decision of reforming the Lost Nomads. He paid $30,000 to the Vespucci Kings and is going to pay additional money to The Grove Street Family to settle the peace. Now the M.C. gets a fresh start and can attempt build their relationships with other gangs and form the 1% biker gang that the city never truly had.

Former Members[]