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Theodore King is a normal man turned into a crazed lunatic who shot up an officer at Mission Row PD.


Shooting of Mike Bayo[]

When Mike Bayo was called to a shooting situation at Mission Row PD, he arrived on scene to Theodore, who told him that the shooter was inside the building. As Bayo was making callouts over the radio, Theodore called out to him and shot him with an automatic submachine gun as he turned around. He stood over Bayo's body and said, "All that it takes for evil to --" before being shot at by Chief Tony Andrews. Theodore was shot down by Andrews while he yelled out "I am the Light". As he was down, he ranted about "demons" and "lost souls in the dark". He would survive the gunshot wounds and be sentenced to 50 months at Bolingbrook Penitentiary. In his defense, he claimed that something needed to be done because of the incredible amount of violence on the streets that the police weren't doing enough to stop.