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Introduction []

Tig O'Connor is an aspiring singer and lover of all things Karaoke.


Tig is a girl from a small town called O’Neals California: a one-horse town with only a liquor store and a bunch of farmland. There wasn’t much to do there other than drugs and cow tipping. She grew up poor and lived in a trailer with just her mother. Tig was constantly teased and because of that, she was very shy. Her life was pretty terrible, so Tig started singing to escape the despair that was her life. When she was nine she saw Phantom of The Opera for the first time and fell in love with theater and music. She wanted to be Christine and to be cast as a lead role in a production. She started doing plays and singing in her school choir immediately, it made bad situations seem better. She blossomed into a very social teenager with a large group of friends. Everything was going fine until her mother died suddenly of a drug overdose. She was evicted from home and could no longer attend school so she dropped out. She got mixed up in some bad situations and was homeless for six months. Her life started to turn into history repeating itself and started doing drugs. She started stealing from her friends and so she lost everything she had. Until her first love, CJ, found her. He was a police officer who saved her life and encouraged her to get clean, go back to school, and gave her a couch to sleep on. She graduated a year later and everything was perfect. CJ and her planned to one day move far away from the small town and head to the big city where CJ was sure she would make it big. Sadly CJ found out he had colon cancer not too long after she graduated. Tig took care of him the best she could as he withered away and slowly died a year later. His last words to Tig were, "Follow your dreams. No Regrets. Make me proud". So as soon as she had enough money to move, she came to Los Santos to try and make it big as a singer and live out the life CJ had planned for her. She found out pretty quickly that there isn’t much profit in music starting out. She's been hosting events at the various locations around Los Santos. You can see her perform every 2 weeks at her themed Karaoke Contests where she gives away money.