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Timothy "Timmy" Macapone is a mysterious and ominous figure with a dark past that consistently looms over him. Mr. Macapone recently returned to town after he dealing with "Family Business" back in Silver Lake. Upon his return he purchased Roger's Scrap yard and now runs it as "Macapone's Parts & Scrap". Mr. Macapone refers to himself as a businessman and is known to have funded several businesses across the city of Los Santos. More recently Macapone has shown interest in the law and may become a defense lawyer sooner than later.


Character Background[]

Timothy Macapone is originally from Silver Lake of Italian origins, having moved to Los Santos. Since his arrival, Timothy has worked towards bettering the city, creating multiple companies such as a limousine company known as "Sound Travels" and "Macapone's Parts & Scrap"

He is smart and tactful, usually found around the city with friends on various adventures, such as golf for an example.

Mr. Macapone was sensitive about his teeth as they were often compared to Chiclets by Angelina Medici. He has since received facial reconstruction surgery to correct the flaws.

Played By: Timmac
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